How to safely date on an LDS Dating Site


In today’s modern world, men and women are meeting online through dating sites. In a current study at BYU (Brigham Young University) online dating for singles are on a rise and is continues to climb. Singles aren’t just meeting at singles ward but are resorting to Online Dating Sites and meeting singles from other nearby areas. Over 35% of Mormon Singles are using Online Dating or Dating Apps because many think it’s a good way of connecting with Single Men and Women. And the rise in percentage continues to climb each year which defeats the idea many years ago in the early 2000s that meeting someone online was crazy.


There are tips to LDS Online Dating. Pros and cons to this virtual way of meeting others. Online dating can be heartbreaking if you go into it blindly. Which is why you should always practice common sense and take your time in getting to know someone in-person once a foundation of in- person trust has been well established.

If done correctly, you can reap the blessings of online dating. Here are some good tips to helping you find matches.

1.Use Secure LDS Dating Sites

Protecting your private LDS Dating Information is important so choose carefully when signing up to an Mormon related dating site. Be sure to find a trustworthy LDS Dating Platform use HTTPS (e.g. A web browser like Google Chrome & Firefox will indicate if a site you are visiting practices this method and you could normally tell if you see a green lock or shield in the web address next to the site URL. Having HTTPS protection on a site, you can be assured that your messages and interactions with other members of the site is encrypted and secure.


There are over 9 different LDS Dating sites so it would be a great idea to use a dating site that you feel the most comfortable with. Though this is LDS Match, I recommend you visiting other LDS related dating sites to see which one suits you best.


  1. Keep your information private

Be cyber secure & cyber savvy. If you think that the person you’ve met on a lds dating site hasn’t googled searched or will google you soon, you’re fooling yourself. The person will more than likely do a thorough internet search trying to find as much information about you as possible. It is important that you keep your online information private and limited. You wouldn’t want the person you just met online thirty minutes ago to show up at your doorsteps late at night with kitchenware items. That would be creepy! NOT CUTE! This is a perfect way of keeping safe. Once you have met the person at your local ward, coffee shop or restaurant and after many dates, then you can open up little by little. But till then, keep private. Putting your entire business out there online for the world to see should be handled with caution so be careful and have fun.